Saturday, May 07, 2005 of Authority and Singlish?

As promised, I am displaying some of the photo's of the 60 countries I've been to. This is Singapore. I went to Singapore twice and had alot of fun clubbing. I had a nice romance. I did alot of shopping. There was a famous shopping district (like Hong Kong) for technologies and it was cheap by Asian standards. I can say this, the shopping districts in Los Angeles and San Francisco (I've never been to the ones in NY) are definitely cheaper, but man did Singapore have a HUGE selection of Stuff. Where I would choose from 30 cameras in the US, they had 200 cameras. Lots of gold and jewelery. I would love to go back now with all the comp and digital stuff available. I wonder if it is still a shopping mecca? Well it was beautiful and clean. The people were very friendly and the food was fantastic. Definitely need to go back some time and see the all the changes...

The pic (temple?) on the right was a famous icon, not sure now. But you can always see it in the old photos of Singapore. Is it still there? Posted by Hello

A mimic of the statue? am I exercising? I dont even remember. Posted by Hello

Riding around the city in a old fashioned Junk ship...beautiful Posted by Hello

Went to a snake temple. In one of my more ignorant moves in life, I decided that one of the nice cute baby snake liked me and would be better off in my care. So I put it in my pocket. As I was touring the temple, there was a sign saying "The snakes in the temple are essentially 'drugged' with incense and are very docile. The snakes in the gardens are not 'drugged' and are very deadly and aggressive, especially the baby snake. This type of venemous Emerald Pit Viper...". OH MY GOD, OhMy God, ohmygod...As I stand there reading the sign with a deadly green pit viper in my pocket. Needless to say, the time between me reading the last words of the sign, and my shorts hitting the cement was not measurable in this dimention. Oh yes and ...uh....ladies...what do you think, boxers, briefs or none ...? Posted by Hello

On an Island, looking at Singapore in the back drop! Posted by Hello

Boat ride to some island with a snapping Turtle Temple. No turtles in the pocket here either... Posted by Hello

Just out for a drive with a girl I met in Singapore. Having some tea outside of the bungalow, waiting for the sun to set (below) Posted by Hello

Beautiful sunset... right from my bungalow! Worth the wait. Posted by Hello

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Cambodia Posted by Hello

Morroco,  Posted by Hello

Malaga, Spain Posted by Hello

Bath, England Posted by Hello

Morocco Posted by Hello

Cambodia Posted by Hello

Koh Samui, Thailand Posted by Hello

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